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Blogging Tips: How to make friends within the blogging community.

One of my favorite things about blogging is the community. Granted, it’s also my least favorite part, because people can be petty and hateful at times, but overall, I’ve managed to make some meaningful connections throughout my blogging journey. Now, this post isn’t to help you get reposted or more followers. It’s about creating real connections and friendships with other bloggers. Here are some methods to find your community: 

  1. Start a conversation. 

Sounds simple, yet kind of intimidating. Start basic. Ask a question about a blog post or Instagram story. Compliment the person. Don’t harass now. You can’t force people to connect. But I’ve found that if you engage meaningfully, you’ll get the same in return. 

2. Share their blog posts. 

If a fellow blogger writes something you like, share it. Drive your readers toward them. Encourage them, support them. Discuss their post if they are willing.

3. Be authentic.

DM’ing someone and saying; “great post, follow me” isn’t likely to make you any friends. Personally, I delete and block those instantly. Engage with the person’s content. Tell them bits of their posts you enjoyed.

4. Be helpful. 

No one knows everything, so if someone needs help and you have the knowledge, offer help. No, don’t shove it onto them, but an offer can open the door to more conversation.

5. Attend local blogger meetups

These are held atleast annually in every city, so make the effort and show up. You’re likely to make a quicker and stronger connection in person.

6. Give more than you take. 

If you’re constantly asking for reposts and help, that’s not really friendship. If you only contact the person to benefit your blog and social media, it’s pointless. No one will feel a real connection with you. Offer help, repost their content, give feedback without expecting the same in return. Isn’t that the point of friendship? Giving just for the sake of your love for a friend? 

7. Lastly, keep in touch.

One DM or comment isn’t gonna suddenly create a friendship. Reach out once in a while. Just see how someone is doing. Social media isn’t reality, so don’t just assume you’re keeping up with someone’s life by looking at their Instagram feed or reading their blog. You never know when that little “how are you?” can be exactly what someone needs. 

These are just some ways to create meaningful bonds with your fellow bloggers. It’s important to not isolate yourself, but to make meaningful connections. They motivate you to do your best and can even be the encouragement you need when you don’t feel up to continuing your journey. If you’re struggling to find a blogger friend right now, pop in my DM’s. I’m always up for a chat! 


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  1. loved it, completely agree with everything. I am a new blogger and I must be honest the bloggers i’ve befriended have been nothing more than amazing, friendly and super helpful.

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