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Blogging 101: Pro’s and Con’s

I’ve been blogging for a hot minute now, and while I am no expert (duh), I’ve managed to grow a following and readership that equals to more than two people(or three), so I thought I’d share some of the pro’s and con’s of this industry. If you’re thinking of starting a blog, let’s go through some of these:

Let’s start with pro’s. 

  1. Little to no start-up costs 

If you don’t want to buy a domain immediately( don’t until you’re ready to commit), you can sign up for a free domain with WordPress or some other hosting site. If you have a camera or even a phone camera, you’re good to go as far as shooting content goes. 

  1. It’s a space to be whoever you want. 

Wanna be super-opinionated? Funny? Sarcastic? Talk about, I dunno, flowers or something? Your blog is the space to go for it. You can literally write whatever you want. This is your space to just be you and exercise your self expression however you wish. If it’s Blog traffic and popularity you’re after, maybe just do your research on whether there is a potential readership for your niche. But keep in mind that whilst you do have freedom to write whatever, you also have a responsibility to your readers to be honest, truthful and not offensive to a specific group or gender. When writing about certain sensitive issues, such as abuse or mental health, always remember that unless you are a professional, you really cannot give out advice on how to cope or overcome. All you can do is offer experience. 

  1. Helps you interact with more people. 

I love that my blog has given me the opportunity to create friendships with people around the world. You’re likely to find like minded individuals through your blog and through this industry and that’s always fun. Just also know that not all interactions are gonna be sunflowers and daisies. People will disagree with your views and that’s ok. The key is a tough skin and being able to understand other views and respect them.  

  1. Developing your writing and tech skills. 

Blogging requires you to write articles quite often, and through doing so, you improve your writing skills. Same goes with tech. In this world, you’re kind of required to keep up with the tech world to an extent, so you’ll find that you understand basic web development language and basic SEO at some point. 

  1. You can start a business or get new job offers. 

Both my career path and the birthing of my own business were directly a result of my blog. Digital marketing and the emergence of influence of online media on businesses create new opportunities for bloggers regularly. From freelancing, to social media management, to content creation, your blog can open countless doors. 

Now for some cons: 

  1. Blogging requires a lot of time and dedication. 

It annoys me to an extent when I hear people boast about being bloggers, but post blogs once every couple of months. Last year was my worst record. I posted just over once a month, but was constantly working in the background, making changes to my blog to make it perfect for me and my brand. It does take work. It’s a common misconception that bloggers just take pictures of free stuff and boast about it in a post, even if we lie. No. Any responsible blogger has to balance pleasing the brand but also being truthful to their readers. More than that, it’s creating content that is professional and appealing to readers and does justice to the brand. It’s work, like most rewarding things are. 

  1. No immediate rewards. 

You’re not gonna be paid for posts or sent press drops from the get go. You aren’t gonna just gain 2000 subscribers in a day. Growth and success in the blogging world takes a lot of time and patience, as well as determination. Most bloggers will write for a solid two years with no rewards. It takes some time to build trust with both your readers and with brands. Be patient and consistent and it will pay off. 

  1. Not for the weak. 

Every successful blogger has had to deal with nasty comments, digs from people who don’t understand or agree with our content and path. It’s tough. I’ve been called fake and a hypocrite. I’ve been called worse, actually. It comes with the territory. It isn’t fair, but it is a reality of this industry. 

  1. Being too honest can be a boo-boo. 

You really do have to watch every word you say in this industry. People tend to get offended more easily online than they would in real life, and you can say one thing that can be misconstrued, and this will be the end of any success you may have in this blogging world. It’s cut throat, and will leave you reading and re-reading every word before you publish, and even then, it may offend someone. 

  1. Over-saturated industry. 

It’s awesome to be part of a community, but because there are so many bloggers right now and more emerging everyday, you really have to have some kind of stand out presence to stand out from the crowd and convince people to read your blog. 

All in all, if you ask me, I would encourage anyone and everyone to start a blog. If you strip apart all the numbers and press drops, it’s such a beautiful way to express yourself and share your opinions. 

Happy blogging, 

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  1. candice says:

    This is so true! Not many know that starting a blog can be tough work and lots of time commitment! This is definitely a post that is needed.

    Candice xx

    1. Definitely! I always admire how consistent you are!

  2. Really enjoyed reading this cause of how I can totally relate and I can imagine how many other bloggers can too! I kinda feel relieved after reading this, that patience part ooooooh gurl, my worst enemy! It’s so difficult to not compare oneself with other bloggers out there that go from 10k to 20k in a matter of 2-3months

    1. It really is tough. We all would love that kind of exponential growth. But I think when we understand that we need to stay true to our message, that becomes more important than the growth

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