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Blogging Tips: How To Find Your Blogging Niche.

Whilst our blogs are meant to be a space for us to voice our opinions, if you are serious about blogging and finding a long lasting audience, you’re gonna want to narrow down your content into a niche. 

Why does your blog need a niche?

A niche is beneficial to your blog for a number of reasons. Firstly, without a niche, it becomes increasingly difficult to see surges and growth in your traffic and search engine rankings when you target too large of an audience. 

Having a blog with a specific theme or niche allows for you to target a specific audience, whether that’s fashion, beauty or sport, for example. If you’re writing about recipes, fashion, makeup, sport, tech, etc all in one blog, what are your audience coming to your website for? You want to target an audience that think of you first when they are looking for a specific topic. For example, if someone is looking for blogging tips and social media advice, I would hope they think of this blog. Your readers need to know what they can expect from you. 

Another good reason for a niche is that it helps you stay focused on your original vision. When I started my lifestyle blog, it was to empower women and create sisterhood. It ended up turning into book reviews, rants, blogging advice, amongst a million other things. What was I even telling my audience? I strayed so far from my initial vision. 

Have I convinced you about the necessity of a niche yet? If so, let’s skip ahead to how to find your niche. 

How to find your niche

I’ve narrowed it down to three somewhat simple steps on how to figure out what your niche should be:

Consider your interests:

Do you want your blog to last? Probably. So write about what interests you. If you’re writing what’s popular, but not what you necessarily enjoy, you will lose interest and your blog will slowly die away. Think about what you would like to write on, and whether you can produce constant content within that interest. 

Think of what you know best:

Again, your interests come into play. However, just because you’re interested in something, does not necessarily mean you have the adequate information to actually write about it. For example, these days we all want to talk about mental health, and that’s actually amazing, but do we have the knowledge to actually share advice about it? Consider what you know, and then decide if it’s enough to write consistently about. 

Research if the niche has a potential readership:

Sure, maybe your interest is poodles. Cute, we all like dogs. But does that mean people would wanna read a blog about them? You have to research if your potential niche could attract readers. If it does, great. If it doesn’t, then consider altering that niche because you will lose interest if no one is reading your blog. 

So, will you be choosing a niche? What will it be?

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