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Blogging Tips: How to write an awesome About page.

Here’s a fun fact for you: your About page is probably going to be one of the most viewed pages on your blog. Yet, most most bloggers tend to overlook the importance of a well written, thoughtful and informative About page. This page is multi purposed. Firstly, it obviously helps the reader get to know you a little. It also gives the reader an insight into what to expect from your blog. In a nutshell, your About page will help the reader identify with you, which is definitely a massive advantage in blogging. 

A few things to keep in mind when planning your About page:

Your About page basically fills the need to satisfy the readers’ curiosity. 

This page may be ABOUT you, but it is FOR the reader. 

You want to keep it brief. People want to know about you, but not the whole history of your life. 

A quick guideline of what to include:

A brief history or background-

Emphasis on the word ‘brief’! You do not want to tell the story of how you were in line at McDonalds and thought you should start a blog, then you drove home and ate your Big Mac and ran out of fries. People just wanna know who you are and what your blog is. 

Tell your reader what is in it for them-

Are you sharing short stories? Beauty tips? Tech advice? Let the reader know what information you are offering. 

Show off your personality:

Your About page does not need to be formal. Use language that your reader can relate to. Show off your personality. If you’re quirky and humorous, write in that tone. Just don’t be offensive, and make sure what you’re writing would sound right if you were saying it, you know? 

That’s all I have to offer by way of advice, so get going on reviewing your existing About page or creating a new one that will capture your readers attention! 

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