Ten Things I Learnt In My Early 20’s.

10 things i learnt in my early 20's

Holy crap, I’m officially in my mid 20’s. I’ve been 25 for nearly two months and it still hasn’t set in. It’s insane how fast our early 20’s fly by, but also just how much is packed into those few years. In the past five years, I’ve managed to have some pretty bad spells with […]

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Why I Went On A Blogging Hiatus

Cheyenne Princess Warrior

Hi guys, Firstly, happy 2019. We’re a month in and this is my first blog post. Not that great, seeing as one of my resolutions was to get out a blog post every week. I’ll explain a bit about that in a minute, but first, I hope you guys are well, that 2019 has been […]

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Why I rejoined the Pixie Club

I swear I’ve become a blog post writing machine lately! After starting my new (ish) job, and launching PW Branding and Design, I was pretty burnt out, and constantly sleepy (still am…), but with a bit of planning, I’ve got into the rhythm of keeping up this little blog amidst all the other madness. Anyway, […]

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