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I decided to ask a few women if they were up for a little interview to celebrate the end of Women’s Month, and I could not be more excited that Kerry of Kandidly Kerry agreed to answer some questions for my wonderful readers. The reason I’m so inspired by Kerry is that she has pushes me and so many other women to love their bodies and to be happy in their own skin. She and I have become great Instagram friends, and truthfully, I feel like I’ve learnt something new from every conversation with her.
Anyway, that’s enough of my rambling, let’s here from Kerry herself:
Kerry of Kandidly Kerry
1.  Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a fashion merchandiser by day and a reader, wannabe outfit of the day Instagrammer, body positivity warrior and pet parent in between. Words and flowers make me happy and I have always dreamt of writing a book. In person I am awkward, quirky and an introvert and I love to laugh, especially at myself. I am a very positive person (sometimes annoyingly so) and I look for the good in everyone and everything.

2.  What is your definition of a powerful woman?
A woman who knows who she is.
3.  What lesson do you wish you could teach your younger self?
Wow, there are so many but the most important would be that no matter how hard I try to change myself or my appearance it will not make me happy or successful, it will just make me waste time and miss out on all the beautiful experiences life has to offer.
4.  What lesson do you wish you could teach other women today?
That we are all unique and that is exactly the thing that makes us beautiful and special. Trying to change yourself or your body to fit a certain mold doesn’t mean you will live happily ever after. You have to recognise the beauty from within.
5.  What are your dreams for you and your blog going forward?

I have such big dreams for myself and the blog. I want to grow my platform into so much more than a blog, I want it to be more of a community where women feel safe and comfortable to share their struggles so that we can all help each other and where they come to for advice on plus size fashion or where they look for motivation. I really want to carry on inspiring as many women as I can and hopefully make a career out of helping women.

After just 5 short questions, I guess you can understand why Kerry is such an inspiring role model for girls and women of every age.
Be sure to check out her blog and Instagram !

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