Convo with Mischa Dream Folk

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I decided to celebrate a few women who inspire me by sharing some of their thoughts with you, my awesome readers. For this feature, I was so thrilled to interview local talent, Mischa Dream Folk, an amazing woman with the voice of an angel (literally!).
I came across Mischa’s talent on Youtube, and then we followed each other on Instagram, and she was so kind to agree to this interview. Here are her thoughts:
1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi! I’m Mischa, a writer and singer-songwriter performing intimate, sit-down shows in Cape Town and offering live entertainment for weddings and other snazzy events.
2. What is your definition of a powerful woman?
Vulnerability is power. Confidence is power. Creativity is power. But most importantly, a powerful woman is whatever she damn well pleases.
3. What lesson do you wish you could teach your younger self?
Your individuality is your greatest strength. Pursue the things that affirm it.
4. What lesson do you wish you could teach other women today?
Pursue community over competition.
5. What are your dreams for you and your career going forward?
To keep on forging connections through music, which takes the shape of recording it and sharing it in live concert alongside other musicians.
I also write content for other creatives and hope to continue to find opportunities to give a voice to other people’s creative work.
After reading Mischa’s answers, I’m sure you understand why I think she’s amazing! I’ve linked all her details below, so you can join her musical journey!

YouTube: click here

Instagram: click here

Website:  click here

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