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One of my favorite things about Instagram is it is a platform to interact with other bloggers. Melleny is one such blogger. She blogs about books and all things literary and has one of the prettiest feeds and informative, fun blogs locally. This month, I was lucky enough to have her write our final book club feature of 2017 (it’s December!). So, read below for Melleny’s thoughts and review and be sure to get a hold of this book and enjoy some thrilling fiction while you lounge out and pig out this festive season.

Final Girls by Riley Sager
A post by Melleny Smith.

I’ve never been a person who reads thrillers or anything except YA Fantasy but this year, I decided that it was time that I started to branch out. The first genre that I wanted to tackle was thrillers. I absolutely love watching them and was hoping that I would love reading them too. Up until now, I haven’t had much luck. I was in a place where the concepts were good but felt like the execution just fell flat. The books just didn’t seem to hold a candle to the movies I had watched. But when I had read the glowing reviews of this book I just knew that I had to get this. It was as if fate was waiting for me to pick up this book.
There are so many reasons as to why this book just did it for me. Today, I wanted to talk about why you should read this book. Whether you love reading thrillers or you are new to the genre, I think that this is one book that you just have to pick up.

This book takes the movie cliche of that one person who survives a serial killing and puts a spin on it. Quincy, the main character, is the last surviving girl of her friendship group who were brutally murdered. But she isn’t alone. There are two other girls who also survived a serial killing. All three have been dubbed the Final Girls by the media.

When we are introduced to Quincy, she is seen as this perfect person who has recovered tremendously well after the murder of her friends. Her life is perfect. She has a beautiful apartment, a guy who is in love with her and the perfect career. She has a baking blog that has brought her huge amounts of success. That is until the death of a fellow Final Girl, Lisa. Slowly but surely, the cracks in Quincy’s life start to show. It is done so well. This book takes the perfect protagonist who can do no wrong and turns it on its head.

I can guarantee that you will never guess who is killing the Final Girls and I can promise you that you will not guess what happened all those years ago when Quincy’s friends were killed.

You will also keep guessing as to why Sam has contacted Quincy. You won’t know how to feel about her. You will hate her. You will respect her and you will analyse everything she says.

This book pulls you and refuses to let you go. No matter what you do this book will always be on your mind and you will always want to pick it up. Just before you go to bed, you will contemplate whether or not you should read this book because it will leave your mind reeling for answers. You won’t be able to stop. You’ll want to take it with you everywhere just so that you can use those spare five minutes reading this book.

There is nothing perfect about the characters in this book. They are realistic and they all have flaws that they wear on their sleeves. I’ve never connected so much with a group of characters. Not because we share similar traits but because you can seem them as real people. They aren’t above and beyond the people of the real world. Instead they seem like people that you can find on streets.

You should pick up this book because it is not like any traditional thrillers. It pulls inspiration from Gillian Flynn and slasher movies. It will keep you from forgetting about it. This book will give what it has promised a so much more. You will devour this book. It will blow you out of the park and it will leave you wanting more.


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