End Girl-On-Girl Hate- A Guest Post by Chanel Karl

To end Women’s month, I wanted to feature one last guest post, and I’m so glad that this is the one the amazing Chanel chose to write. Chanel is one of those women that isn’t all talk. She preaches girl on girl hate, because she’s a woman who does the opposite. She is so supportive and encouraging to me and countless other women online, and in the midst of so much negativity, Chanel is a true ray of sunshine. Enough of my babbling, let’s get to probably one of my favorite ever guest posts!


Before I wrote this, I thought about why I offered to write this article and I realized that I’m passionate about this because, like most women, I’m guilty of once probably hating on another woman, been a victim of girl hate and am now passionate about females empowering other females.

But first I had to do a lot of introspection to reach this point and I’d love to advocate this .

Girl -girl hate is such a huge issue in schools , at the workplace , and online.

Females constantly bringing each other down by making rude and hurtful comments about other females appearances ; weight; life style choices; mom shaming etc basically women being judgmental about other women . And sometimes it unfortunately goes beyond being judgemental and it evolves into bullying.

I asked myself; are we responsible for girl-on-girl hate. And where does it stem from?

My first answer is yes, because if you’re not gossiping about another woman, but you’re not defending her or even standing up against the person hating, you’re guilty of girl-on girl hate.

I think that girl-on-girl hate stems from a young age. We have all been taught from a young age to do our best.

Dress better, be smarter , achieve more , and most of us probably misunderstood that , that it didn’t necessarily mean that we were taught to be better than anyone else rather we should have been taught to be the better versions of ourselves .

But we learn from what we see, what we taught, by society . Example: we have all watched movies like Mean girls  where Popular girls are constantly tearing down other girls based on their appearance or even gossip girl we see two perfectly beautiful , individually unique friends constantly being compared to each other and even though they’re “best friends” they’re constantly in rivalry and in low key competition with each other and there are many movies and series that portrays this female culture .

But this is reality. I’m not saying that we are not allowed to dislike someone. I’m merely just saying that we all have insecurities and doubts

And while one girl may look like she’s a mess and the other may look like she has everything going for her or if you’re just hating on someone who’s in your opinion too fat or too skinny or too pretty or not pretty enough . We’re all flawed and we’re all uniquely perfect simultaneously .

We’re better than tearing down and hurting other women, and gossiping  and spreading rumors .

It’s beautiful embracing other people’s beauty and facets  . It’s powerful when women embrace and build each other.

Build and work on yourself before pointing out someone else’s flaws.

Learn to embrace yourself and embrace others. Other  women are not your competition , there’s place on this Earth for all of us to flourish in our unique way .

Empower yourself , teach young girls and other women to empower others . Let’s challenge ourselves to be better versions of ourselves and set the pace for others. Let’s discourage and end girl-on-girl hate.



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  1. This is so true! What we don’t realise is how powerful we are as a collective. I’m glad to be making real relationships with women who are nothing but supportive. I think it gives us the tools we need to teach future generations that girl to girl support should come naturally.

    Lovely post!

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