How I Went From Bleach Damaged Hair To A Healthy Bob In Under A Year

Hi guys, Happy Wednesday! You’re halfway to the weekend, so keep pushing. I’ve been getting quite a few questions about my hair lately, so I thought I’d share a little on how I achieved this healthy short bob. Well, typically a healthy head of hair isn’t that hard to achieve, so let me give you some context.

In 2016, i had elbow length, thick hair that was really just dead at the ends. I had done two ombre style colors, which had left my ends pretty much dried. Add in the factor that my hair was far thicker and heavier than the average person’s, it was in desperate need of change. At the beginning of 2017, I cut it into a shoulder length lob, but my hair was still quite flat and heavy. Then came the huge change. In March 2017, I took the plunge and cut my pixie. I loved it! It’s still one of my favorite styles I’ve ever had. But, admittedly, i did not do the research I should have. I basically shaved off one side, then grew it out at the same pace as the longer, and didn’t put in much care for repairing the years of damage on my scalp from having thick hair that was prone to oiliness. My hair grew back unevenly and just flat. Once i got it to a short bob, I decided it was time for some fun. So between May and July 2018, I bleached my hair 4 (yes, 4!) times, without Olaplex or any of the responsible methods. It was not very wise of me. I also had my bleached hair colored grey, then aqua blue, then purple, then pink. Sounds completely crazy, but I actually loved it. It was my final year of university, so I really experimented with color and tried what I loved, despite all the weird looks in public.

Anyway, by July my hair was a complete mess. I had breakage as high as my eye level, and I couldn’t run a brush through my hair without a ton of it just breaking off. So, I decided to cut it all off and return to the pixie and restore my hair. Even with a short pixie, I still had a bunch of damage and my hair was lifeless.  I really started to actively care for it in November 2018, and by mid- February 2019, I have grown it out into a healthy short bob that is bouncy, has 0% breakage and is a million times easier to manage.Here are some products and tricks I used to aid the process:


  • Less Heat

Heat essentially burns hair. It’s that simple. Sadly,when growing out your hair, you do need your heated tools to keep it looking neat and presentable. I controlled the heat exposure in my hair by, firstly, limiting the number of days I set my hair. For example, I try to set my hair only 3 times  a week. Every other day, I let it air dry and regularly brush it to avoid crazy hair. When I do need to set my hair, i am religious about using as low a heat setting as possible. A wide plated hair straightener is a great tool, since wider plates allow you to cover more of your hair at a time. My biggest help is a straightening comb (as pictured). It does half the work, with no heat at all.

  • Coconut oil

For generations, Indian women have used coconut oil as a hair treatment, and there’s a reason for that: it works! I like to apply coconut oil into my hair and scalp once or twice a week, sometimes more if my hair feels especially dry. It leaves your hair super shiny and bouncy. The brand I use is dirt cheap, 100% pure, and can be found at any spice shop.


  • Hair treatment

Whilst my hair is wet, I love lathering the Biosense 12-in-1 treatment as a protectant. It is the only one I’ve ever used that works without leaving an oiliness in the hair. it also doesnt burn when you apply heat or flatten your hair. Once a week I also use the Biosense DNA Aftershock treatment in the shower to nourish my hair tips.

  • Water

You can try every treatment and trick under the sun, and you’ll still be left with crusty hair if you don’t drink enough water. Stick to your 2 liters a day and hair growth will follow.

These are just some of my tricks. What are some of yours? Let me know!

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