I.Create- A Local Business With International Flavor

I.Create is a fun business I came across on Instagram, which is where I find most treasures. It is run by Aamirah, a creative genius, to say the least!
A little about Aamirah:
Aamirah is creative by nature and allows creativity to flow into all that she does. The insanely amazing part is that she personally carries out the entire process from deciding on the scents, to designing the labels, to pouring the candles itself.

Alot of thought, time and effort go into the making of each candle. For her fandom inspired candles (which are my favorite!), she tries to learn as much as possible about each fandom and choose scents that match. She then designs labels that perfectly represent each fandom.
Her awesome Harry Potter inspired candles are a perfect examples of this. She chooses the scent to match each Hogwarts house. She then designed labels that bore the name of each Hogwarts house as well as the matching colours. Each label also has a short description of the Hogwarts house as well as an idea on the scent. The combination of these elements have made the Harry Potter inspired candles a favourite among South African potterheads (like this Princess Warrior!).

As much as Aamirah loves the candle making process; the designing aspect of her business is what she’s really passionate about. This powerhouse woman designs labels, art prints, bookmarks, personalised T-shirts, mugs and keyrings.

The best part of Aamirah is that she is a perfectionist at heart and therefore aims to deliver designs that her customers will love.
A lot of time, effort, passion and love go into each and every one of her designs. Keep scrolling to view some of her insane work.

Harry Potter inspired candles
Fandom inspired candle sets


Bookmarks for the book lover

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