KYPO SA- Straight From The Heart Of Durban.

I absolutely love visiting flea markets and craft fairs in Durban, simply because they are such a reflection of the insanely artsy vibes running through Durban lately. Durban has such a laid back atmosphere, and you’re always in sight of such incredible local talent at every turn. One such local business that celebrates the diversity of our sunny city is KYPO, a clothing line curated in our very streets.

KYPO, which stands for ‘Keep Your Panties On’, is run by Elaine, a true Durban girl who just so happens to also present on the DYR traffic show (catch her with your traffic news from 3-6pm). Don’t we love a multitasking woman! I met the gorgeous Elaine when I visited the Bluff Flea Market recently, where I absolutely fell in love with her denim pieces she had on sale.

Elaine, owner of KYPO SA

KYPO is such a fun brand, that is a true reflection of the sunny, laidback vibes of the Durban streets. The line compromises of denim pieces that have graphics and artworks painted on by local street artists in the sunny Durban. Elaine makes use of denim, specifically because it is made of natural fibers ( 100% cotton) which is eco-friendly because it actually breaks down in the land refills (unlike the polyester counterparts). This is such an added bonus for the environmentally conscious, as we all should be!

For more information about the line, or to purchase one of these amazing pieces to compliment the rest of your fabulous closet, you can contact Elaine in one of the following ways:

Facebook: kyposa
email: Kyposa@gmail.com

Instagram: @Kypo_sa
cell: 0716343952

All featured pictures by Samora Chapman


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