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It’s been a hot minute since my last post, but I’ve been really distracted with some personal stuff. Anyway, a lot of you who follow me across social media and this blog have probably read about my sister….quite a bit. Like, a lot. So, today, finally, you’re gonna hear from her, not about her. In honor of her 2018 South African Blog Of The Year nomination, I interviewed her so you guys can know exactly who this awesome woman behind Queen Regnant Online is. Enough small talk, here’s the interview:

  • Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a Harvard Extension student and entrepreneur living in both Pretoria and Durban. I am a dog mummy and an optimistic perfectionist. Basically, some days I’m Elle Woods and some days I’m Batman. 

  • Who is QR for?

QR is for the millennial woman who wants it all. I certainly believe that everybody can have it all with good planning and balance. 

How did you start out and what was your motivation?

Back in 2014, QR started out as a fashion shout-out page on Facebook, as Instagram was not as popular as it is now. I came up with the idea to start a print magazine that would advertise and promote affordable fashion and lifestyle content. After much thought, and a good look at my convictions, I decided that QR should be paperless, hence the birth of this online magazine. The online magazine and blog started on Oscar Night in 2015 when I documented every red carpet look and the post went viral in Europe and the United States. 

My motivation is the belief that every person can be anything they want to be by seeing life as a canvas that can be styled in any way you put your mind to. 

Alyssa Pillay of Queen Regnant Online
  • What has kept you staying in this industry?

Passion and the rewards. There’s no better feeling than knowing that people identify with both me and my brand and how informative the magazine has become for all women. I love that QR has helped people become adventurous and step outside their boxes. 

  • How do you stop yourself from comparing yourself to other bloggers and influencers?

Since the inception of QR, I’ve always strived to be different and stay away from trends. I aimed to create content that stood out and infuse my personal tastes in the magazine, because I am someone that has always tried to distance myself from the crowd and stay unique as an individual. I also want the articles to be relevant across a vast amount of time. 

  • What is your favorite article that you’ve written?

This changes quite often, but most recently, I decided to cover the cause highlighted at last years Oscar Awards. After the article had been written, I sat back and realized that QR had evolved to focus more on social issues than simply fashion choices. 

  • What are your dreams for QR?

In terms of audience, I would love QR to become one of the 100 most influential blogs/online magazines in the world and we are really close. 

Long term, we’d like to reach 1 million millennials around the world every month.

  • What do you wish more women knew?

That everything they need is within them. You don’t need to purchase something or even bring down another person to feel better about yourself. You have every tool to become the best possible version of yourself. I also wish that women didn’t settle, in terms of careers, relationships and life overall. 

If you would like to vote for Queen Regnant for the South African Blog Awards 2018 in the category of fashion and lifestyle, click here
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  1. Candice says:

    This is really lovely! It’s so great to get to know our local babes.

    Candice | NatalyaAmour.com

  2. Elzaan says:

    So awesome Love the way you write x

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