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With all the craziness going on, I thought now would be a great time to widen our online community and introduce you to some of my favorite bloggers, and also get their thoughts on all things blogging. During the next few weeks, I’ll clue you in on some of my favorite bloggers, and to kick it off, I’m interviewing Dhanusha, creator of MissDhanusha , a blog about beauty, lifestyle and travel.

miss dhanusha

Tell us a little about you and your blog

Hey, I’m Dhanusha aka Miss Dhanusha. I’m a 27 year old working in digital marketing. I come from a tech background (having studied computer science) but not liking it at all. I’m vegetarian, left-handed and I hate milk. I’m a very passionate person and interested in many different things.

What made you start blogging?

I started my blog three years ago as a creative outlet while studying. I began as a beauty lifestyle blogger but because I really love food/wine and travel I incorporated that into my blog.

A lot of people have negative things to say about influencers, bloggers and blogging in general. How would you respond to that?

Every person has negative things to say about any industry. For example I’m not a fan of beauty pageants and quite vocal about it. However because influencers live online (work online), people think they can complain about them online much more. People need to ask themselves if they ever made a purchase in the last 2-3 years without reading a review first. The answer for higher end items such a phones, TV’s or even a laptop is probably no. Everyone looks at reviews and these are usually from blogs/YouTubers which is essentially why blogging still exists. People are making informed decisions from online reviews ie. blogs.

What inspires you to keep blogging?

I love the community I have built and the people that engage with me. I also want to keep inspiring others as well as have my creativity flowing.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of starting a blog?

Do it. Just start. There’s no right time, place or moment.

The best time to start is right now.

What are your favorite blogging tools (plugins, apps, equipment, etc)?

I use for my site and MailChimp for newsletter. It’s good to have a social media feed on your blog. I love my Canon EOS M6 camera for photography and videography. Also, having a flatlay board makes life easier.

Do you think having an Instagram page is the same as an actual blog? Why or why not?

 I think if that’s the route you want to go then go for it. It’s quite demanding to manage a website. However if you are looking to be found in Google search and to rank for SEO you need a website.

What is the main message you wish to convey to your readers?

To be weird is to be yourself. I’ve always thought I was weird but that’s just me. To embrace the things that make you, you. To love and take care of oneself is very important.

Here are some ways you can find Dhanusha online:


Instagram: @miss_dhanusha

Facebook: MissDhanusha

Twitter: @miss_dhanusha

Youtube: miss dhanusha

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