Little Black Bag Review

I was recently sent the February Little Black Bag for review, and it’s actually one of my favorite subscription boxes/bags sent to me. It’s such a fun gift for a friend or even just to treat yourself.  The bag itself is a lovely material that can be reused for shopping trips or as a fun …

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Book club

Book Club: Review By Noor Ahmad

Hey guys! How are we already at the end of February? This month literally just flew on by. For this month’s Book Club post, I asked my lovely friend Noor to write about a book she recently enjoyed. You know I love featuring different voices on Princess Warrior, and Noor definitely is a strong woman …

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Let's talk!

Ten Things I Learnt In My Early 20’s.

Holy crap, I’m officially in my mid 20’s. I’ve been 25 for nearly two months and it still hasn’t set in. It’s insane how fast our early 20’s fly by, but also just how much is packed into those few years. In the past five years, I’ve managed to have some pretty bad spells with …

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