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Progress over perfection

Hi lovely people! April was so bad for me in regard to blog posts. I really slacked off, but real talk, April was insane. Seriously. The month started off in the most amazing way, because your girl graduated! Yup, a whole Journalism and Media graduate. It was seriously the most overwhelming awesome day, and after years of hardwork, it was such a joy to be able to celebrate with my friends and family. I’m throwing a few pics below, in case you’d like to see my whole look on the day. 

So, today’s post speaks about choosing to acknowledge progress over continuously reaching for perfection. Leading up to my graduation, my main thoughts were on my dress, look, plans for the day, etc. Everything worked out perfectly, but then here I was, sitting at the ceremony, and my heart sunk. What now? I’d had the most amazing university experience, making wonderful encounters, etc. But now what? What’s the next aspect to perfect? My home life was in shambles, as it often is. My career wasn’t as along as I’d hoped. I hadn’t lost the weight I’d wanted to by that day. Instead of enjoying that milestone moment, I was sitting there, over analyzing every aspect of my life that wasn’t perfect. So, I set some goals, and I was ready to dive in. But, you know what they say, man plans, and God laughs. Literally, a week later, my dad fell ill. And I mean seriously, life threateningly ill. I was overwhelmed, terrified, and honestly, completely confused about where to turn. If you know me personally, you know that my dad is a man in control. His always cared for us tremendously, and any issue I’ve ever had, can be solved with his help and advice. So, here I was, old imperfect me, faced with making decisions that could possibly be life or death for him. At the back of my mind, I kept wanting someone else to step up and take control. Surely my sister and I can’t be expected to decide what’s right for him. What if we choose wrong? What if we lose him? All my imperfections as a daughter, as a woman was staring me down. I should have been more perfect. I should have been better with decisions and planning for him. Why couldn’t I just get things right? 

Then, last week, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across the quote, “progress over perfection”. A simple, three word quote, but I was mind blown. How had I missed this? I’m constantly beating myself up over things I can’t perfect, all the while ignoring the progress I’m making each day. Here’s the thing, I tiny step is still progress. So is a giant leap. Progress is progress, no matter how fast or slow. Here’s the progress I was ignoring; yes, I’d graduated at 25, but hey, I was someone that scraped by in high school, so graduating with multiple distinctions and without failing a single subject is progress. I may not have lost all that little tummy fat before my graduation, but right up until my early 20’s, depression had left me weighing 37kgs. Yes, I felt a little chubby, but that weight gain is evidence of someone controlling their mental illness, instead of being controlled by it. Sure, my career wasn’t as along as I’d like, but I have the tools to improve and further my career. My dad was in a scary situation, but each day he was still here, was one more day with him. Long story short, we pulled through. He spent time in the ICU and now his back home on the mend. Progress. 

My point in all this rambling is this, in a world that wants to shove perfection down our throats, step back and honor your progress. Life is never as perfect as social media or movies. Perfection is not attainable. But a step of progress everyday can be achieved. Choose to focus on the little things you can improve on daily, instead of having this image of perfect in your head. Here’s reality, no one can have perfection. But progress takes you pretty close. 

All my love, 

3 thoughts on “Progress over perfection”

  1. I feel this I every aspect of my own life girl. Seriously though. I get every single thing you said in this post. This post actually made me feel less alone in my own life. I always keep thinking about attaining the perfection. But it never ever seems to be perfect.

    Thank you for writing this post. You reminded me that the small things are still progress. I have to keep reminded myself this, every single day. I am going to keep this in my mind.

  2. I love this post so much! It’s unbelievable when you feel like you’re not where you want to be but the important thing to remember is that it’s all about the progress. We’re all so much further along in life than we were five years ago. Growth is important but so is not being too hard on yourself! I wish you so much love and success and happiness in your future! 🙂 xx

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