The Meaning Behind My Tattoos

I got my first tattoo about five months after I turned 18. Alot of people were surprised, as I had grown up in a strict household, and no one, (including me) expected my parents to allow me to get one. But they did. See, my parents understood that at a time when I had just come out of a deep depression that had so nearly taken my life, these tattoos would be a reminder of my journey. It would not change the kind of woman I am, but it would be a testimony to how hard I have fought to claim my life back from everything that I had battled. Many now look at me a certain way for being 24 and having 11 tattoos, but the truth is that they aren’t a fashion statement or even a cry for attention, as so many assume. They’re simply an expression. A journey of a women who has fought hard to want to live and to be healthy. I’ve broken down what each one means, so maybe you understand better before you look at me or anyone else weirdly again, for this expression.

My first tattoo was the words “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. This kind of has a double meaning. Firstly, the one thing my family really bonds over is our love for football, and Liverpool FC to be specific. So with this being their slogan, it works. Secondly, it’s a reminder that I’m never alone, and God always walks with me. I got this tattooed on my left wrist in May 2012.

In the inside of that same wrist is a cross. This cross is from a chain that belonged to my late grandmother and has been passed down. My grandmother was the strongest woman I’ve ever known, and this was largely because of her deep faith in God.This cross is a reminder to always emulate that faith.

Next was the symbol of the Cheyenne Tribe. This tribe symbolizes warriors and the fiercest of fighters, and it’s a reminder to never sit back and allow life to happen, but to fight for what I want. That tattoo was actually what inspired the name of this blog.

On my right hand, I have 2 tattoos. The first I got in 2015 and it’s an infinity sign with the word ‘faith’ integrated. Again, this is a reminder to have infinite faith no matter what life throws at me.

The other tattoo on that hand is an anchor. This was inspired by Hebrews 6:19, which states “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and steadfast”. My faith in God and my belief has always been an anchor in a life that has had a ton of waves and swells and ups and downs.

Partial image of the anchor tattoo on my wrist.

Now onto my back, where I have another 2 tattoos. The first (and most painful to get) is an alyssum flower with the number 31 above in Hindi. This tattoo honors the most important person in my world, my sister. Her birthday is the 31/08 and her name, Alyssa, is derived from Alyssum. The other tattoo on my back is actually a matching one with her, and it’s a little lightning bolt inspired by our love for Harry Potter. My sister and I are so different, but Harry Potter has always been a mutual interest, and the tattoo honors our many hours watching the movies and memorizing every single line.

Next, on my left hand, apart from the two wrist tattoos, I have the verse Philippians 1:21, which states: ” For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain”, inked into my inner bicep. This is a reminder that if I live in a way that Christ did, or atleast attempt to, death will not be a loss, but a gain through eternal life.

The other, and much bigger piece on this arm is a partial quote by Rumi that says “the universe in ecstatic motion”. It’s surrounded by stars and planets to resemble the universe. This probably has the lengthiest meaning, so I’ll just use a quote I found online that encaptures the meaning perfectly.

“To the person who reads these words: You might believe that your life was intended, and began in the heart of God. You might believe that you came about through the meeting of lifeless carbon and electromagnetic attraction. That doesn’t matter to me. The greatest wonder is that we are here at all, in a world that could become a paradise if we all reached out to each other in love. I sit here, and I wonder about you, and that gives me connection. You and I are the universe, my friend, and we are both spinning in ecstatic motion”.

This one is very meaningful to me, as when you often battle issues like depression, isolation is a major factor. This reminds me that I am, and so are a billion others, the universe in ecstatic motion.

Lastly, I have 2 letters, one on each inner ankle. These two letters are the first letters of the names of two very important people who walk through life with me, hence the decision to have them on my ankle.

So, these are my tattoos. I get asked alot if I would ever get any more. The answer is, yes, for sure, but only when something is truly meaningful and relevant to my journey. My hope is that one day, my own kids will ask me about them , and I’ll get to share with them the story of a girl who overcame depression, suicidal tendencies, and so many other battles to emerge as the Princess Warrior I am today.

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  1. I want to see photos of your tattoos!

    I am so glad you made it out on the other side of you depression hun. Tattoos really have a significant impact on ourselves and I really love all of your tattoo meanings.

    1. Cheyenne Pillay says:

      Thank you Tori! Iโ€™ll post more pics soon!

  2. I want to see pictures of all of these ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love hearing about the meaning of tattoos and I love tattoos ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Cheyenne Pillay says:

      Thanks Kerry! Iโ€™ll post more soon! Iโ€™ve honestly been too busy to get them done

  3. I love this! People can be so judgemental when it comes to tattoos until they actually take the time to understand the deeper meaning behind them! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


    1. I agree! Thank you for reading!

  4. here! Good luck for the next! https://newone2017.com/

  5. Im going for my first ever tattoo tomorrow cant wait

  6. Sounds amazing!

  7. Great post! Love tattoos

  8. Great meanings

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