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Ways To Grow Your Credibility As A Blogger.

If you are going to be successful as a blogger, there is one thing you need more than anything. One thing that will set you apart and determine whether you have a lasting, loyal audience, or not. This one, most important thing is credibility. Yes, just that. Sounds simple, but massively impactful, as credibility takes a long time to build, and very little time to break. 

As bloggers, it’s so easy to get caught up in the humdrum of numbers, views and likes. Yes, sure, statistics matter, but not more than your trustworthiness as a blogger. So here’s a nice harsh reality for you: 

Your numbers mean very little if you have no credibility and honesty in the content you put out there. 

Now, keep in mind that credibility in the online world can look a little different to real life. It is really a lot harder to earn credibility in this blogging sphere. People don’t know you at face value, so they need to find a way to trust you through your content.  Here are some ways you can build your credibility and a loyal audience.

1.Get involved with your online community.

I cannot stress this enough. Really. You cannot grow your presence and community if you are not actively a part of it. Scheduling and automating posts, etc is so efficient, yes. But they cannot replace authentic, in the moment, communication and involvement. Respond to comments, be active on social media, and communicate!

Being active in your online community helps build trust and credibility.

2. Collaboration!

Teaming up with other (reliable) bloggers is a way to show that you are a real person behind the Instagram or website. It allows your audience to see you from a different perspective and also helps you grow your community.

3. Don’t accept all sponsored work.

Now, this one seems to be a rough point with the audience. Sponsored work, paid ads, these are all great for our bank accounts. But are we being paid for lies? For deception? Sounds harsh, but that’s what so many of us do. We love this body cream today, hype it up to our followers. Then do a 360 degree turn tomorrow and we love something else. People, readers, they see through this deception. Money is great, but it won’t last long in this industry if you don’t first have credibility. Grow your mission, your brand and only say yes to services and products you truly believe in. 

4. Open up.

Obviously this can be tricky. We don’t wanna overshare ourselves for the world to see. But find a comfortable space to share bits of you. Even if you are a beauty blogger, people still want to see the personality behind the cool look. It will help them relate to you more.

5. Be real.

This is the most important one for me. You have to be authentic in your interactions online. No one will trust someone who seems to have this perfect, unattainable existence. Show your flaws (as far as you are comfortable), be authentic, be honest, and you’ll find a real, loyal audience will attract themselves to you. 

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