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Blogging Tips: How To Work Effectively From Home.

More and more creatives these days work from home either full time or part time. For the most part, I’m really blessed to run both this blog and PW Creative from home. Now, considering my dad’s health, working from home is a dream. But it can also be very trying to prioritize and actually get and stay in the mindset to work. Today, I’m sharing some tips on how to effectively work from home and actually get your tasks done. 

Create an office space

If you’re sitting on your bed, you’re in a chill mode. If you’re near your TV, you’re gonna wanna watch something. All of which is great, but doesn’t help you get work done at home. Creating a little work area is one way to combat this. A cute little space with a desk, space for your laptop, some stationary and whatever else you might need will put you in the mind space to work.

Try and create this space away from distractions like a busier space in your home (if you live with others), away from your TV and most importantly, your bed. 

Establish working hours

A timeframe for your day is essential if you work from home. For example, if you wander over to your desk at 1pm, you’re likely there until late hours, which causes you to neglect other aspects of your life. So, consider your tasks and deadlines, and work out your office hours from there. Be strict with yourself, be realistic, and don’t forget to allow times for a quick break (15-20 minutes) once or twice a day. 

Dress the part

I get it, there’s nothing better than staying in loungewear or pjs all day. But let’s be real, will you put on your favorite onesie that’s super comfy and cuddly, and feel ready for a work day? Not likely. You’re gonna wanna cuddle with popcorn and Netflix.

So, no need to wear a suit or something, but wear something that puts you in the attitude for work, but is also comfortable. 


Planning is vital when you’re your own boss or your own watchdog. Don’t walk into a workday blindly, because you will feel overwhelmed. I like to take a few minutes each evening to list out what tasks I need to get done the next day. Sometimes, other things come up, so allow for some fluidity, but plan enough that you have some sort of structure. 

Eliminate any distractions

This is so important. Distractions do come, sure. But if you’re working in an office, with others, you’re less likely to drift onto social media or Netflix. Isolate yourself from your distractions while you work. This pays off because the faster and more efficiently you work, the more time you have to indulge in those distractions.

These are just some tips that could be helpful. Obviously if you’re a parent, kiddies are a whole new distraction, so that’s another aspect to consider. In fact, leave some advice below for other mums! 

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  1. Working from home definitely has some cons to it for me. I find it hard to switch off and get away from my laptop

    Candice ||

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