Getting To Know You Series: Asha Singh of Life By Asha Singh

It’s time for the final Getting To Know You Series post of 2017! This is a goodie, pinky promise.

Nothing makes me happier than women who celebrate other women. Too many females knock each other down, and it’s a culture that Princess Warrior strives to do away with. Which is why this month’s blogger of the Getting To Know You series, Asha Singh, is one of my favorite South African bloggers.

Asha is the founder of the blog Life By Asha Singh She’s a Politics student (can you say Olivia Pope vibes?), a wine-a-holic, a theatre and arts geek and a major foodie who loves exploring the unknown and is always up for meeting new people! In other words, this Princess Warrior’s favorite kind of woman!

Asha’s awesome and informative blog

Scroll on for my interview with the gorgeous Asha:
1. What is the main idea of your blog?

I’ve always had a keen interest in current affairs and what’s going on in the world – not so much about which Kardashian is preggies (Okay, maybe a little bit interested in that!) but more so what’s happening to Rohingya Muslims and what the visa dispute will mean for US-Turkish relations. Surprisingly, none of my friends really shared this interest or knew much about these things! My blog began as a way for me to write about these things in a fun and interesting way so that my friends could read it and we could talk about it after. Think more Trevor Noah on The Daily Show style, not so much in a CNN- journalist style. I’d like to think I’m funny and I hope Life By Asha Singh reflects this!

2.  What keeps you driven to keep blogging?

Admittedly, I haven’t been very active blogging lately (*sigh*). I like to think being a current affairs blogger is quite easy since there’s always stuff happening in the world. All I need to do is watch a few minutes of CNN or Al Jazeera and my blog posts pretty much write themselves.

3.  Who are your main inspirations when blogging?

Well, my niche is very rare so I don’t have particular bloggers that I look up to but in general Trevor Noah is a huge inspiration to me and when I write I tend to ask myself “What Would Trevor Do (Say)”

4.  How do you wish to influence your readers?

I want to make politics “cool” again. Current Affairs is so interesting to me and I want my readers to feel that way too. Millennials are too concerned with the entertainment business and don’t realise real life politics has even more drama than all the E! shows put together.

5.  What’s next for Life by Asha Singh?

One of my other interests is travel and recently I’ve been trying to incorporate travel into my brand. In the future I would like to have a clear focus for each of my channels (e.g instagram and facebook for travel, twitter and blog for politics) or just find a way to mesh them all together. I want to start a podcast before the end of the year so watch this space!


So that’s Asha, one of my favorite South African bloggers, and overall amazing woman. Be sure to check out her blog and her Instagram feed, which is so gorgeous ( @lifebyashasingh).

So until next year my loves!



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