Getting To Know You Series: The Maree Muse

Whilst I’ve been blogging for around 4 years now, recently I’ve been exposed to just how many other bloggers are taking South Africa by storm. Despite what many say or think, it really isn’t a competition. There will never be too many bloggers or blogs. These are extensions of our personalities and individuality. In an effort to create a community that celebrates the vast amount of bloggers in SA right now, I’m introducing a brand new segment on Princess Warrior: The Blog. Once a month, I’ll highlight a new blog and blogger in the Getting To Know You series.
Our first talented blogger is Tasha Lee Maree, who runs a blog called The Maree Muse. Tasha is a 19 year old student studying a Bcom in strategic brand management at Vega. She is passionate about inspiring others through what inspires her and being able to share her experiences and love for discovery with her words. She is an art enthusiast with a wondering creative mind, a reading addict and an animal lover. She loves spending time with those closest to her and engaging with new minds. Tasha enjoys a challenge and aims to sprinkle kindness and love in all that she does.
When I got into contact with Tasha, I asked her a few questions about herself and her blog, so we can all get to know her;

What is the main idea of your blog?
The Maree Muse is the third blog I’ve started, I really wanted to get back into writing and to have some sort of a creative outlet. With my previous blogs, I really struggled with content because my topics were so limiting and so they quickly fizzled out. A good friend of mine has been pushing me to start one again and I thought I live a pretty good lifestyle being able to try new places and attending events. It was through my lifestyle that my blog was born and the desire to share that with others. I wanted to be the muse that inspired others to try new places and create new experiences.
Live boldly and to be unapologetically you

What was your inspiration for wanting to be a blogger?
I just wanted to write again initially, a way to get my creative juices flowing and then I really started to love it so I did everything I could to grow and keep my readers and followers engaged. I wanted to inspire others to live.

What keeps you driven to keep blogging?
The love from the people who have been there from the start and the amazing people I’ve met along the journey. Sometimes it’s really difficult to do blog posts especially when you’re a student but having an incredible group of people who are always motivating you is simply a blessing. I love the random people who read my blog and slip me a dm just to show some love, we honestly need more people like that.

Who are the main inspirations for your blog?
I am my own inspiration. I want to inspire my readers to get out of their comfort zones and to experience our city, I want to be a part of the change in the culture of Durban’s social life and to see more people crave new experiences.

What next for The Maree Muse?  
There are a lot of things coming up, a lot more collaborations that I’m so excited to be a part of and maybe a few vlogs. I’ve been really interested to create more video content but I also just want to take it one step at a time.

So this is Tasha Lee Maree, one of South Africa’s booming creative minds, and personally, one of my favorite bloggers.


To view Tasha’s blog or social media:


Instagram: @tashalm28

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