Guest Post: Love Your Body by Janesse of Just Jenesequa

Hi everyone and happy July! I know I’m a week late but things have been crazy in these parts. Now, as you may know, I love sharing other inspirational women’s opinions on here, and today, we get to read an opinion piece about body positivity from Janesse of Just Jenesequa .

What does body positivity mean to you?

Well I will tell you what it’s not, it isn’t being afraid to eat something because you might put on a few kilos. It isn’t searching for the next skin whitening craze because we live in a society where colourism is so blatant. It isn’t covering yourself up because  you’re worried of what the next person might think about your scars and arms and stretch marks.   

Body positivity means loving the skin you’re in, it’s about embracing yourself flaws and all.
I’m not against taking care of yourself, exercise and diet is a personal preference. However you should never feel pressurised to do so because of society. 

I’m just saying, it’s okay if you wear what you want  because you are comfortable with it. It’s ok if you’re not a specific size because you’re happy with the way you look. 
It’s okay if you don’t like to wear makeup or if you want to wear a two piece swimsuit the next time you visit the beach because you feel beautiful in it.

Now I know you’re thinking, what kind of statements are these, when I mostly write beauty related blog posts and I’m always talking about my love of makeup and fashion. But you see that’s what I’m comfortable with, I’m sharing my experience about what makes me happy and that’s all it is, my views. I’m not going out of my way to fit into any of the boxes that society has created for us.

Let me say this though, I was one of those people who wouldn’t like to show their arms or doesn’t wear shorts because my thighs are too big but what did it do for me? Nothing good, just filled my mind with all these rules that really have no truth to them unless I validate them. I bought the lies that I’m too dark to wear certain colours, my face is too round for certain hairstyles and my arms are too big.

I now know better and I’m definitely happier for it. I’m wearing what I want to and if other people are uncomfortable with that, well that’s their problem not mine.

My Top Three Tips on Body Positivity

1)Learn to love yourself by embracing your body, flaws and all. Focusing on the features you love will help shift focus away from the things you don’t.

2)Accept and receive compliments without disqualifying them, when someone says your hair looks good or they like your smile, a simple Thank You will do, no need to go into details about how you wish your hair was shinier or how you wish you had brilliant white teeth like so&so.

3)Get rid of the stuff that makes you feel less than fabulous. If you have a dress that you feel doesn’t look great on you or a lip colour that you’re not comfortable wearing, ditch them. Don’t waste time on these things.

Body positivity starts in our minds and it’s about conditioning our brain to forget all those rules we picked up over the years. It’s amazing how unconsciously women have passed on these dos and don’ts through generations and we all just went along with them. So the next time you trying out an outfit or thinking of a new hairstyle don’t ask yourself, do I look good in this ask yourself do I think that I look good in this? Am I HAPPY wearing this and if you answered YES, well you just go for it. 
You do you Boo!

Warm regards


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  1. candice says:

    Thanks for the great tips, accepting my body is probably one of the most challenging things I face daily.

    Candice x


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