Guest Post: Manifesting Your Dreams Into Reality By Alyssa Pillay

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve“
— Napoleon Hill

This quote is essentially the basis of this article! If you can imagine yourself achieving something, you can manifest this into your life.

Can you really design your dream life? Of course you can! Look around yourself. Everything you have in your life was first an idea or a figment of your imagination. Everything that you really wanted in your life eventually became a reality.

Since you are actually manifesting all these things into your life already and now all you need to do, is to manifest with intent.


If you want to change something in your life, you will first you have to recognize what it is that you really want to change. You need to create a clear picture in your mind.

Give yourself direction. The best way to do this is to focus on and think about your ideal life. Writing down your dream life will let your subconscious mind determine exactly what you want.

You will identify what is really important to you and what isn’t. If you could achieve everything, with no limitations and no boundaries, how would your life look like?

Ask yourself these questions and then write down clear answers:

• In what house would you live?

• How would your partner look like? What characteristics would she or he have?

• How much money would you have? And what would you do with it?

• Who or what would you support?

• Where would you live?

• What would you invest your time in?

• Where would you invest your money in?

• Where would you travel for vacation? And how would you go there?

Don’t be surprised, if you find out, that your real drivers are not really what you thought so far. That exercise will let you focus on your inner world.

Listen to yourself. You know that you are finished when you really feel excited about your future life and feel the urge to do something to achieve these goals.


Don’t feel obligated to write something down just because it’s expected of you to have, do or be a certain way.

This was one of my main abundance blockers for most of my life. Looking back, I think because of obligation,
I missed out on good opportunities.

You should NEVER listen to others when they want to tell you how your life should be or look like.

This is all about YOU

YOU are responsible to design YOUR dream life.


As much as you should not listen to others, you should not listen to your nasty inner voice of doubts.

During the process of designing your dream life, you will most probably have thoughts like:

“You will never achieve this!”


“You are stupid doing that!”

or worst

“Be realistic!”

Ignore these doubts. They are not beneficial to you. These doubts may be the main reason why you are not achieving what you want.

These inner voices have been anchored in your subconscious mind. There are two things your subconscious mind hates the most: change, and leaving your comfort zone, which are the two things you require to manifest your dream life.

The good thing is, as strong as your subconscious mind is, it is as stupid. Train yourself to ignore these voices.


Now that you know exactly what you want, and you have a clear picture of your dream life, you need to become the person that owns this dream life.

For this, you need to first think about, how a person that is living your dream life actually goes about living your ideal lifestyle. A simple exercise can help you with this:

Take a specific area from your dream life, let’s say you want to be slim and fit and have the body of a fitness model.

Visualise a person that has a fitness model physique. What do you think is the lifestyle of this person?

Is she eating balanced meals for lunch or chilling at McDonald’s?

Is she going for a run at 5am or sleeping in until 10am?

Is she going to bed early to be well rested the next morning or partying all night, with cocktails and greasy takeouts?

Is she very negative or does she have more positive thoughts?

The answers are pretty rhetorical.

Try to become that person and live her life. Think of all the characteristics you may have, the people you hang out and the priorities you set in your life.


The great thing about this process, it is already triggering the right actions in your subconscious mind.

You already changed, you may don’t feel like it right now, but you will soon realise that you act differently, that you make different decisions and that you attract certain people and circumstances into your life.

This is wonderful and you are now on the way to become that person that is living your dream life.

The even better news is that you can speed up the process even faster. You can proactively live that life, concentrating on the characteristics of this person and use visualization techniques to bring yourself into that state.


I developed this habit of writing in my journal everyday, where I describe my “dream life” and I always write in the present tense.

It is an incredibly powerful exercise, and I can really tell how my life changes when I forget about it for a few days.


You still think this sounds too good to be true? That you can just go out there and design your dream life? That you can write down how you want your life to be like, and then become this person?


Think about the quote from Napoleon Hill at the beginning of this article- “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve,“this is how our world works, and it always did.

Let’s have a look at flying, this was just a big dream once, and now we do it all the time. I can board a plane in Johannesburg, watch a movie, sleep a few hours and then wake up in London the next day.

If this is possible, how likely do you think it’s possible that you reach your dream life?

Back in 1903, flying was a very ambitious goal. It all started with a dream and vision that the Wright brothers had.

It takes a bit more than just writing down how your awesome new life will be like and how you will drink margaritas with your besties, after you shopped all day in your favorite city- it will take three key elements:

The right mindset and belief system

The right motivation to change

You taking action

If it were so easy, we would all live in our huge mansions, drive great cars and have more money than we could spend. That’s for sure.

There is one crucial component to success which most people are not willing to invest.


You actually have to take action,and that’s where most personal growth and law of attraction gurus out there are not telling you the whole picture.

It’s not only wishful thinking; it’s not only manifesting, believing and just receiving. You have to take massive action!



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