Hello again!

Hey y’all. After a very, very extended break, Princess Warrior is back! I hope you love the new home, and it’s just prettier to look at!

So much is different since I last interacted with you all. Firstly, I’m glad to say that the semester from hell is officially over, and boy, was it a special kind of hell. There were many tears, many late nights, but it’s done, and I am officially half way through my journey to become a journalist.
Secondly, back in March I literally chopped off almost all my hair, and now I’m channeling my inner tinker bell with a cute little pixie cut. I never knew the truth behind the phrase “a woman who cuts her hair changes her life”. Until now. I totally get it now.
I’ll write about more of the changes soon, but for now, I just wanna welcome you to Princess Warrior 2.0! Even though I planned on relaunching months ago, I knew that I couldn’t give this little blog the time and energy needed to make it the best it can be, so I held off until now to make sure everything was what I needed it to be. From now on, I’ll aim to put up new posts every week or so, but also interact with you on other social media platforms, so don’t forget to check those out.
Join me on this journey in the new and revamped Princess Warrior: The Blog, and as always, thank you for the continued support!


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