International Day Of Friendship

Since today, July 30th, is International Day of Friendship, I thought I’d tell you guys a little about my best friend.
Most sisters grow up hating each other a little, or atleast disliking each other a lot. Everyone says it’s normal, and I guess if you throw two young girls into the same home, personalities, moods and preferences are bound to lead to a shouting match or two, and I guess my sister, Alyssa, or Coco as everyone usually calls her, and I are no stranger to arguments. But there’s always been a unique bond that existed between us. I’m not sure when I stopped being the snotty little sister and became the best friend, but when I was around 8, Coco sat me down and told me that from now on, we weren’t going to fight or “sell each other out”, instead, we were going to be best friends. Thus began, one of the most important relationships of my life.
To have a person who stands by you through the best and worst times of your life sounds like a bit of a cliche, but that’s exactly what I’m lucky enough to have. She taught me to read, to cook, to curl hair, and how to do my makeup. She held my hand through the darkest days of my depression, and has been the greatest cheerleader in my happiness. All this sounds so cheesy, it makes me cringe to write, but every single word is true. So this post is to best friends, if you’re lucky enough to have one like mine, hold them close and appreciate them always. It’s a rare and wonderful thing to have.

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