Little Black Bag Review

I was recently sent the February Little Black Bag for review, and it’s actually one of my favorite subscription boxes/bags sent to me. It’s such a fun gift for a friend or even just to treat yourself. 

The bag itself is a lovely material that can be reused for shopping trips or as a fun carry on for trips. It’s black, simplistic and can be paired with anything. 

For the month of February, the bag theme was obviously love, but with a twist. Everything was eco friendly! Here’s what I got: 

Earth Brush: 

This toothbrush is such a treat. Made of bamboo, it is eco friendly, but still gets the job done. I felt little to no difference than my usual toothbrush, except this feels a lot better to use knowing that it’s environmentally friendly. 

Hot oil Facemask tartlets: 

These were both cute and really easy to use. They are really as simple as warming the tartlet up in your palm and applying all over your face and neck, and voila, a hot oil facemask done! Super nourishing and great for removing dead skin, I found the mask to be a really great addition to the bag. Self love all the way! 

Wooden key rings:

These cute little key rings are absolutely adorable and I was so pleased to find that there was one for me, and one to share with my bestie! Both are carved wood, and well themed, and again, eco friendly, which is the best part. 

Bag or sweet heart candies: 

These jelly sweets were eaten within an hour of getting my bag. So yummy, and a generous portion as well! 

Cotton Vegan Crochet Shower Puff: 

This is a puff that will soon be launched and sell at R229 per puff. After trying it, I can say it’s well worth it! As someone with really sensitive, allergy prone skin, I’m always hesitant on what materials I let touch my skin. This shower puff is soft, efficient and feels simply luxurious in every shower. Paired with a well fragrances shower gel, you’ll soon find it hard to use any other kind of loofah or sponge. To clean the puff, all you have to do is chuck it in your washing machine on a gentle cycle and it’s good as new! I highly recommend this, as it is a complete dream to use, and more importantly, is vegan and environmentally friendly. 

I’m so pleased with this bag, and I will definitely be purchasing a future bag for my friends and family. 

If you would like to purchase a Little Black Bag, click here.


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