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Meeting Lisa Raleigh- The New Brand Ambassador Of Power Footwear.

Last weekend I was invited to Shoe City Gateway to meet the new brand ambassador of Power Footwear, health and wellness expert Lisa Raleigh. While I had heard of Power footwear before, I had never actually tried it for myself.
Upon attending the event, I was given a pair of shoes from the brand to test out. I was so impressed. The comfort levels and versatility of the trainers are exceptional. Besides being completely lightweight, they come in a range of designs and colors to suit your style and need.

Meeting Lisa was inspiring to say the least. She is the founder of the fitness program, Rebounding, which is a revolutionary way to workout that involves a new twist to cardiovascular exercises. It involves jumping on a trampoline (yay!) whilst performing a series of age old exercises such as jumping jacks and running in place. I tried the demonstration for a few minutes, but due to the fact that your girl forgot to wear a Shock Absorber (ladies, you know what I’m talking about), I observed the rest of the workout, which is intense, but really exciting, especially because it can be done at home.

From my experience, Power Footwear and Lisa Raleigh’s partnership is super exciting, because if you’re interested in Rebounding, lightweight, beautiful trainers like the range by Power Footwear, is exactly what you need. So, head over to Lisa’s website and your local Shoe City and get started with Rebound With Lisa!


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