Social Media: Take Back Control!

Hey guys,

I’ve been MIA for a bit, but Princess Warrior is back in full swing now! Today’s post is about something that’s been playing on my mind for a while now, so I thought I’d share my two cents with you guys.

Recently I’ve seen so much on social media that’s just plain negative. I feel like constant complaining, nagging and bullying is the overall tone of so many posts, stories and blogs. Yes, it’s little things like people complaining about everyone making use of the question stickers on Instagram, or shaming girls about being “basic” or nagging about how everyone is blogging or calling themselves an influencer, but those little things add up.

As someone that spends a ton of time on social media (blogger life),  I admit that this constant negativity was getting to me.  I found myself getting annoyed every time I went on Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat, and it felt like that negativity was everywhere I looked.

After a couple of weeks of feeling this way, this little dumbo had a realization. I control what I view! I am actively choosing to follow people who spread negativity. I am adding one more follower to their count, and frequently annoying myself as a result. I always felt guilty about unfollowing people, particularly women, but in the process of not wanting to offend them, I was poisoning myself with all their negativity. It sounds so silly in hindsight, but so many of us do it.

If, like me, you feel like this kind of behavior bothers you on social media, I encourage you to be a little selfish and click that unfollow button.

Because here’s the reality, no one is gonna change their words and content to please you. So you have to look out for yourself and actively eliminate what’s poisonous to your wellbeing.

If the person is offended, oh well. They need to do what’s good for them, just like you have done.

Lastly, if you’re one of those complainers, maybe think twice. Being nice will always be cooler. Being kind and spreading positivity will always take you further.


That’s all from me!



3 thoughts on “Social Media: Take Back Control!”

  1. We need to stop supporting the people who spread negativity. Block them out entirely so they spread their thoughts to a minority. I absolutely loved this post Chey.

    1. I completely agree. Sometimes it’s the only way to avoid that negative energy. Thanks for reading Resh

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