The Unconventional Woman: A Guest Post By Natalie Nicole Thomas

Hello again guys! Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend. So, if you’re a consistent Princess Warrior reader (Thank you!), you know that I rarely post two guest posts in a week. I’d actually planned on doing one in a month or so, but when this gorgeous lady agreed to share her thoughts and journey with us, I knew that this was a message to be heard, or rather, read, now. I won’t say much more, so here’s introducing Natalie, probably the wisest and  most insightful 19  year old I’ve ever come across:



Self-identity has always been a large part of my life, especially in the last six years. Ever since I began high school I’ve always attempted to explore my identity in various ways because I’ve always felt that educating yourself about yourself is something very important and it has a large impact on your growth as an individual. In the past three years I’ve really grown into a woman that I’ve always wanted to be, I’m far from perfect (and never will ) but I feel like I’m on the right track to becoming the woman that God created me to be. I feel like each day I take a step in the direction of my purpose, but from the exterior it seems like a walk in the park. Growth and internal development is like when you’re a small kid and you experience growing pains. People around you say that it’s not that bad but internally it feels like your soul is on a roller coaster ride. But the best way that you can experience that ride is by doing it your way, hence why practicing your internal characteristics externally and being true to yourself and your nature is such an important thing to do.

Throughout high school I used to look at various types of women and girls. When I was 13, I looked at all of the girls that the guys liked. When I was 15 I looked at all the types of girls that were worshiped for their bodies and for their looks. When I was 16 I looked at all the girls on social media and the girls that had thousands of followers on these platforms. The common thread in this is that I envied all of them. I always wanted to be like other girls, Shy, quiet and normal. I always wanted to have long hair, a flat stomach and a petite waist. I wanted to be able to be liked by all the boys and I wanted girls to feel the same way that felt d about them. The truth is that I still look at other women, but I look at them in a different way now. Instead of reflecting jealousy I reflect appreciation and awe toward their beauty and marvel upon Gods creation. But behind all of this there is still more truth. The ULTIMATE truth was that I could achieve what every other girl had; I could grow my hair, train and flirt. I could train myself to be quiet and still. The problem lied in the fact that that was not who I was and that perfect exterior according to society did not agree with my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state.

I am now 19, studying a BA in motion picture, allowing my creativity, my loudness and my uniqueness to ooze out of every part of my entire being. I have two tattoos that mean the world to me, 7 piercings and super short hair. I’m neither “thick” nor “skinny” and my stomach is far from flat and my thighs are far from toned. See, the point of this wasn’t to talk about myself or my tattoos or, give you my life story. The point of this was to help every other woman that is insecure about either their personality, exterior or both, acknowledge the fact that we are just another example of a nonconventional woman. We are the perfect example of the fact that confidence is not a set, rigid look but is rather comfortability in our own unique look that we practice by being ourselves. We are the perfect example of the fact that there are no boxes to be ticked when looking at a woman, that being a woman can only be defined by the love we give off to both ourselves and others as well as the ability to be strong, creative, passionate, eager driven and above all to be able to be a light in the lives of those who need it.

In times like this I like to refer to one of my favourite books that I’m currently reading, Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. One of my favourite quotes from this book is:

 ..to be ourselves causes us to be exiled by many others, and yet to comply with what others want is to be exiled from ourselves.

Beyond anything I think it’s so important to practice a love and understanding towards ourselves that no other male or female can give us. It’s important to remember that our unconventional beauty is still beauty and it needs to be celebrated, regardless of the commercial, conventional standards set by society. Never be scared to express you nature in the way that you want to. Whether you express it through your clothing, music, career, your body, your hair, express it to the extent that you need to, and never believe that another person’s beauty means that yours does not exist. Always strive to be the woman that your nature tells you to be – it won’t always be celebrated by many or by the people around you, but the feeling of self-accomplishment will forever overcome that. It’s scary how we can get in the way of ourselves because we think that exterior opinions matter.

Remember that there are no boundaries or rules when it comes to being a woman and how you express your feminine nature, whether you have a small frame or a big one, whether you have million piercings or none, whether you have short hair or long hair, whether you are masculine or feminine, whether you are loud or quiet, whether you are subtle or crazy, embrace your woman hood. It is YOURS after all and it doesn’t belong to anyone else. If you ever needed a sign to push you towards being the woman that you’ve always wanted to be, this it is.

Natalie Nicole Thomas

Well guys, I really hope that this impacted your life and way of thinking as it did mine. While Natalie is not a blogger, follow her on Instagram for more on her journey and words of wisdom.

Until next time, my fellow Princess Warriors,


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