Throw kindness around like confetti


So I’m calling it…cruelty is officially a disease of society. I’m not talking about people killing each other, or stealing or any of these obvious cruelties. These have been the ills of society since the beginning of time. But what is happening to us as human beings? Since when has a compliment or simply a smile become mission impossible, people?

I wish that it was a single isolated incident that makes me feel this way, but the sad truth is that we see this nastiness in everyday life. From the mean snicker at the girl who chose to dress a little differently to generalizing guys simply because they prefer saggy pants, why are we so numb to simple gestures of understanding and compassion?

As mentioned in a previous post, I cut my hair into a pixie cut a few months ago. I’d wanted to do this for so many years, but due to being teased for my shorter hair as a kid, I was always too afraid. But I manned up, and got it done in March this year. I left the salon feeling braver and lighter, of course. I literally felt like I could conquer the world. (Hair empowers girls, ok!)
The next morning, I debuted the hairdo of course, and people were just as mean as a bunch of primary school kids had been back in the day. I had comments like “you had such pretty hair, now you look like a man” , to questions like “are you like, a lesbian now?” Of course, being labeled as a lesbian is not an issue, but just because of a hairdo, guys? Last I checked, my hairstyle did not determine my preferences in gender. I thought at first that people were just reacting in that way because it was a drastic change. But no. I still get the same people tell me week after week that they hate my short hair. But so what? I like it. It was my choice, what makes it ok to voice your every opinion on how I look? For a while after people started making those comments, I feel ugly. What once made me feel empowered and brave, makes me feel self conscious and ugly now. You can say that people should not let others opinions get to them, but guess what? If you tell a sheep that it’s a goat long enough, it’s gonna start believing it.
My point in this little rant, is simply, be kind people. You think your comment or nasty look is a little thing, but you don’t know what it means to the person receiving it. You don’t know that the girl who’s hair you simply didn’t like now can’t look at herself in the mirror. You don’t know that the person you gave that nasty look to at the store today desperately needed a kind smile. Kindness costs nothing, so why not throw it around like confetti, as they say? Be nice guys. Someone out there needs it, and it’s likely that they can’t ask.


Be kind, always.


2 thoughts on “Throw kindness around like confetti”

  1. Your beauty is not reliant on the length of your hair. You are gorgeous Chey. Keep rocking that hair and make those pansies feel crap for not being woman enough to cut their hair.

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