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Tips and Tricks For A Cohesive Social Media Theme

I’m obsessed with themes and an aesthetically pleasing social media accounts and blogs. It’s taken me a long time to learn, but I’ve finally achieved a look I’m happy with and what goes with my personality and brand. Also, before you ask, yes, every blogger should consider themselves and what they put out as a brand. Cohesive, themed feeds are also tremendously beneficial to a business. Now, the reason I like a cohesive social media, particularly, is because it all tends to follow a theme that can give the viewer an insight into your personality, or product/service. More than that, it just looks better than something that’s low quality and all over the place. The moment someone visits your page, you want them to have an idea on what you’re about. This post is not meant to insult anyone, something I have to say, seeing as these days, people seem to get offended by the most random of things, one of them being a themed feed. So, if you’re not into themed feeds, then this post probably isn’t for you, and you should go read another one of my many posts, but, if you like them and want to achieve one, keep reading.

Here are my tips:

1.What do you want your brand to represent?

If you are a business, your social media theme should match your product or service. For example, if you’re selling a natural body cream, your branding should be clean, natural and very zen. It wouldn’t make sense to have a sporty theme or tech theme. In the same way, your blog branding should represent you. My style is very retro, androgynous and simple, so my theme represents that. I incorporate dark tones, simplistic images and keep my Instagram feed and stories in this theme. You have to figure out your brand before you can theme your social media or blog. 

2. Decide what you want to post.

If you intend your social media to represent your brand, which you should if you’re a business or blog, you have to narrow down what you post. For example, when someone goes to my social media, I want them to see that I write about things that are inspirational, about books, and occasionally product reviews. So I’m not posting random shots of my goldfish (her name is Sriracha and she’s a fatty) or random cups of coffee. If you’re a food blog, why would you post sports pics on your Instagram. If you also wanna post all those other stuff, maybe have separate accounts for your personal stuff and then blog/ business stuff. Stick to four or five common things you like to post about and create content around those. 

3. Ways to create a visual theme on your Instagram.

Personally, I like to theme my Instagram by using the same filter throughout. I mostly use Lightroom to edit my pictures with the same preset (my presets will be releasing this year, promise!). However, there are some other fantastic apps that you can use, such as VSCO cam or Afterlight. I’ve used both in the past and they have beautiful filters. When choosing the filter you want to use, there are some things you should keep in mind, like: 

  • Does the filter disorientate the image?: If you want a bright theme, you don’t wanna add a filter that makes the picture overexposed and so bright, one has to squint to see it clearly. You also don’t wanna add a filter that makes everything look monotone and smudgy. 
  • Does the filter suit the images you post?: If you are posting product images, you want a filter that still shows the colors and details of the product as they should be. If you’re posting food content, you don’t want your avocado to look blue. If you’re posting pictures of you, you don’t want your skin tone changed to some ashy look. Keep your content in mind. 
  • Does it look too filtered?: Whilst you want an image filtered, you don’t want it looking overly saturated and fake. You don’t want this super orange and teal kind of filters. Your filter should enhance your image contents, not change it. 

Another great and super easy way to theme your Instagram is by creating a ’tile’ theme. This involves interchanging similar images to give it an overalled themed look, for example:

Color themes are another great way to go, and they are really eyecatching. This type of theme can work great for a business, as every business has some kind of signature color. If you are a blogger, though, this can be really limiting.

4. Plan, Plan and Plan

Listen, I get that we should be spontaneous and what not, but maybe keep that for Instagram stories or your Twitter account. If you want your Instagram to represent something, be it your blog or business, plan out your content. If I have a free day, I like to do my hair, throw on some makeup, and shoot a bunch of content. I always like plain settings, so I’ll use a blank wall in my home or a cute area to capture some good content. Sometimes, I’ll drive to a good location, and get a bunch of shots there. I keep my filter in mind, which in my case, is darker and warmer with berry hues to tie it all in. With that in mind, I’m not gonna go take pictures in front of a floral garden. It wouldn’t fit. I stick to urban settings with lots of grey, warm elements. Once I’ve edited my images, I take them through to a planning app like Preview, Plann or UNUM to see if it will look cohesive.

5. Trial and error

When I started out blogging and creating content for social media, I read every article out there on how to create a brand. And yet, I still failed miserably. I once had this overly filtered, pink theme. Me. Pink. That’s the last thing that would represent me. I would post everything from pictures of my sneakers, to bible verses, to selfies, to random flower pictures. Missteps are guaranteed. Play around, figure out what you like. Then pay attention to your algorithm and numbers. If pictures of food get you 100 likes and quotes get you 20 likes, you can conclude that your followers don’t really wanna see quotes. So incorporate quotes in other ways. With Instagram being so interactive, you can have polls running on your Stories, and questions so you can see what your followers enjoy. Have fun with it. But keep in mind that if you know checking numbers, etc is gonna be your motivation, don’t do it. I try not to see the numbers. I find value in genuine interaction. Discover what aspect of this brings value to you.

Well, that’s all my tips for today! How do you like to theme out your brand?

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  1. Thanks for these awesome tips! I love using instragm story apps to help me plan my feed! Makes it so much easier.

  2. Love love love this post! I am still trying to figure out where or what exactly I want my brand to be. It has already changed so much since I started and this post has definitely taught me a couple of things!

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