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Women’s Month: We Need To Do Better


It’s August, Women’s month, our month! I definitely think women should be honored and respected all day everyday, but if it’s just a month, you can be sure I’m ready to milk it! 

I’ve always been a feminist to a certain level. But maybe not the type of feminist media has created. Am I brash and ignorant to males around me? No. Do I feel like women should receive superior treatment? Definitely not. Do I believe that there should be an equal amount of opportunities and fairness given to men and women? Damn straight. I want equality. Plain and simple.

For too long men were given an upper hand, and all I wanna see is the scale tip a little to grant some fairness and balance between genders!

That being said, I think there’s an underlying issue that needs addressing first.

Ladies, what’s going on honey? Why are we fighting the ‘man’ to treat our sisters fairly, when we’re so nasty to each other at the same time? We scream for equality between genders…but we aren’t fair to our fellow women. What’s with that? 

Since I joined the influencer/blogger world some time ago, I’ve met and come into contact with some of the most amazing and inspiring women ever. I love them. They help shape me day by day into a better woman. But then there’s the other side of women I see. The women who hide behind facades to throw shade at other women. The women who’ll spit the word bitch or slut or whore without batting a single perfectly mascara-ed eyelash. The women who’ll throw the word fat or skinny or basic even, without realizing the insecurities it feeds into a women in a world that already makes us as women feel insecure. 

We as women face so many uncertainties in this world, I mean let’s be honest, can you even go for a stroll feeling entirely safe? So, why, in the midst of all this constant insecurities and uncertainty, do we feel like the people we have to guard ourselves from the most are the very women who experience the same issues daily?

I get it, it’s human nature to compete, and look at others and want what they have. Damn, there are times I wish I had washboard abs or silky long hair, or these gorgeous features. Seeing women like that do leave me insecure, just like I’m sure certain things in other women leave you feeling. But I’m not gonna lash out at them for having those things. It’s crazy that this is what most women do! Is she driving a nice car? Must be fun having rich parents! Is she wearing pretty clothes? Some of us don’t have rich blessers to buy it for us! Stop!!!! Maybe she works hard. Maybe she does have someone who wants to buy it for her. That’s fine. Let her be. Celebrate the things that make you and her different. We don’t all have to be the same. 

Women are never gonna be the same. We’re built to be individuals, we fight for our individuality, so stop hating each other’s differences and start supporting them! I hope this month ahead will be more than some pretty feminist instagram pictures, or “you go, girl” tweets. I hope it’s a time we use to actively change our thought patterns and treatment of fellow women. Be bold and open your eyes to the ways you are unfair or mean or demeaning to the women around you. Improve. Do better. Who knows? Someday the next generation will speak of us as the women who sparked real feminism. Real equality. Amongst our very own. 

Happy Women’s Month!

12 thoughts on “Women’s Month: We Need To Do Better”

  1. You speak such a good game in this post but you are just like most woman who bash other woman! You also wear this facade! Stop being a hypocrite and posting lies to your blog!

    1. God bless you, “Samanatha”. Whatever you’re so angry about, I hope posting this comment brought you some peace

  2. This is a great post Cheyenne and I totally agree, we have to not only teach men how to treat us, but we need to teach ourselves how to treat all females. It is so easy to get caught up in the bitchiness, the gossip and everything else that goes hand in hand with those things.
    I love this “Women are never gonna be the same. We’re built to be individuals, we fight for our individuality, so stop hating each other’s differences and start supporting them!”

  3. Thank you so much for reading Kerry. Women like you are the ones that make me proud to be a female blogger in this county and spread positivity

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